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Dr. Tom Thompson is a trusted world authority on strategies to build clarity, shared leadership and future-proofing that allow your organization to thrive.

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Dr. Tom Thompson’s mindfulness for governance and policy has extended his impact worldwide. He is known for his leadership in strategic innovation, and for his unyielding vision of future-proofing by building effective teams. His counsel has ignited renewal for organizations and networks around the world.


About the black swan:

When invited to design a distinctive pin that would symbolize his impact as President of the 1995 Canada Winter Games, Dr. Tom Thompson immediately thought of the simple elegance of the black swan. The Black Swan is a symbol of the unexpected and remarkable. It depicts the pursuit and achievement of an uncommon vision, and Dr. Tom Thompson’s design has long been linked to projects that have flourished under his leadership.



Nabil Oudeh MA C.Med

General Chair
Rotary International Zones 24-32 Institute -Niagara Falls

It was indeed an honor and pleasure meeting you. Your message resonated with me and feel many leaders in my business and Rotary world would benefit from your message as well.

I look forward to continuing our dialogue and finding opportunities for synergistic engagements between us.

Kara Flynn

Vice President, Government and Public Affairs
Syncrude Canada Ltd.

I am so glad you were able to share your knowledge on governance with the Keyano Board last week. It can’t be understated how important this was to setting our new board members on the right path. Know that you have had a lasting impact on the positive goverance of Keyano, and many other boards that those around the table also sit on.
Thanks again for such an inspiring and insightful morning.

Jackie Taylor, Director

Community Learning Campus

We wanted to express our recognition and gratitude of your significant contribution to the Community Learning Campus (CLC) and all that it encompasses. Those of us who now pick up the CLC reins, do understand the magnitude of the CLC leaders who had the ‘grit’ to do the heavy lifting to put actions to a vision to realize the CLC. Being able to be part of this now is an honour and I take the stewardship of this very seriously. My commitment to all of you, is to honour all that you visioned and be part of carrying the CLC into its next steps forward in ways that make a difference in the lives of many.

Tami Gardner , Executive Director

Olds Regional Exhibition

We are so very grateful to have partnered, collaborated and learned from you during your tenure in our community. Your impact and legacy is iconic and has indelibly transformed the community in which we live, work and play. Please accept our sincere best wishes on your future endeavors and we certainly hope and anticipate that our paths will cross again. On behalf of Olds Regional Exhibition’s Board, volunteers, management and staff we thank you for your leadership in our community and in the industry while serving the needs of today with a future forward focus.

Arlene Dickinson

Owner and CEO, Venture Communications
Best known as one of the venture capitalists on the CBC series ‘Dragons’ Den’

“You have left such a legacy behind at Olds College. The country and especially Alberta owes you huge thanks and all the respect, Tom. Thanks for all you do! Can’t wait to see what the next chapter of your life brings.”

Denise Amyot, President/CEO

Colleges and Institutes Canada | Collèges et instituts Canada

You have been an amazing leader and supporter of the Association of Canada Community Colleges, and always have been there for us whenever we asked you for advice or to make presentations. I am so happy that our paths will continue to cross.

James Knight

Former President and CEO, Association of Canadian Community Colleges

When I visit this college, I know it is unique in the world. My friend Tom Thompson is a gifted leader who envisions a different way of doing things, who is incredibly skilled at putting together a team to get the job done… I’ve visited many colleges around the world and haven’t discovered one that is more innovative, more creative than Olds College. You have invited a whole new model – this doesn’t exist anywhere else and it’s a tribute to Tom, his vision and his skill.

Dr. Tom Thompson

Dr. Tom Thompson

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