About Dr. Tom Thompson

Dr. Tom Thompson’s unyielding clarity of vision for governance and policy has extended his influence worldwide. He is recognized as one of Canada’s leading authorities in strategic innovation, and his unique fusion of award-winning leadership and transformative knowledge has ignited renewal for enterprises around the world. The author of ‘Governance as Stewardship’, Tom has presented in over 25 countries. He is a recipient of the Gold Medal Award of Excellence from the World Federation of Colleges & Technical Institutes for his governance expertise.

Throughout four decades of leadership in education, sports, marketing and community service, Tom is the standard-bearer for team-building. From his project management distinction as President of the 1995 Canada Games which left an unparalleled legacy of success, to his recent project management expertise that led to the largest personal donation in the history of Alberta colleges and technical institutions, Dr. Tom Thompson is a lightning rod of influence. Illuminate the extraordinary potential of your organization by inviting Dr. Tom Thompson to deliver your next keynote address.

Fellow: Dr. Tom Thompson, FRSA, visiting the Royal Society of Arts building, an 18th century property in London.

The Royal Society of Arts is an international community of achievers and influencers from a wide array of backgrounds and professions, currently numbering 28,000 worldwide. The RSA was founded in 1754, and the current Patron is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Other Fellows have included Charles Dickens, Adam Smith, Benjamin Franklin, John Diefenbaker, Stephen Hawking, Nelson Mandela.

Dr. Tom Thompson was named Fellow in the Royal Society of Arts in 2016.