Building Effective Teams

Throughout four decades of leadership in education, business, marketing and community service, Dr. Tom Thompson has known that unparalleled results are ignited by maintaining a competitive advantage.

“We are facing many uncertainties – economically, politically, socially – as we look to the future. But I know that strategic vision rooted in sound leadership and the work of a team has been the source of success through the ages. Face the future with confidence! What challenges could I help you with, as you adapt to this changing landscape in the world? I will work mindfully alongside you to support your vision and goals.

“We all know that it is the moonshot that results in gold-medal achievements in programming and co-investment partnerships. That is the lightning rod which leads to transformative future-proofing, and the approach I continue to take in my life.”

“Tom always has a bigger plan,” said Greg Fieger, former football player with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Calgary Stampeders. “He was recognized as coach of the year in the province, and then went on to coach the University of Saskatchewan Huskies, then became the Athletic Director at U of S, and eventually the Riders noticed him. He was an administrative team member when I was a player. He was always very outgoing and engaging to me as a player, which was nice because the front office to the locker room isn’t always that way on every team. I think that was part of the essence of the Riders back then.”

After a time, as he was President at Grande Prairie College, the opportunity arrived to bid on the Canada Games. Tom thought it would propel the community into the future, and he used his incredible ability to connect the dots between organizations, between communities and between people

“He has an uncanny ability to sense opportunity and to know the connections that would be needed to make them happen. He uses that skill to benefit the environment around him,” said Kerry Moynihan, coordinator of the 1995 Canada Games. “It was a $25 million event, involving 5,000 athletes and 5,000 volunteers. The Games’ success is a tribute to his vision and leadership, which left millions of dollars in a legacy to the city of Grande Prairie.”

“Let me congratulate you on your incredible leadership and tenue as President of Olds College… I have admired the great work you have done for this important jewel in Alberta’s post-secondary line up. Your skills as a leader and orator of vision and BHAGs is legendary and the evidence of your success is very visible. On behalf of the 2019 Canada Winter Games I would like to thank you for your support and perspective on our sponsorship program. Your input has been valuable and respected.”

Scott Robinson

Chief Executive Officer of 2019 Canada Winter Games

“Tom was an incredible President, because he knew that in order to be successful you have to build strong teams. He built an extraordinary team that led Olds College in great ways.”

Joel Ward

President of Red Deer College