Engaging in work you are passionate about and achieve your goals! Dr. Tom Thompson works mindfully alongside you, building on four decades of discoveries and triumph to support your vision and goals. Reach beyond customary structures and capture the moonshot that results in gold-medal achievements in programming and co-investment partnerships, and face the future with confidence!

“The magic of Tom is his ability to make people dream and push and think about what’s possible. He inspires that in everyone.”

Ryan Pomeroy

President Pomeroy Lodging, a partner with Olds College which led to the development of a new accommodation structure and accompanying new hospitality programming for students

“Tom enabled the Board to be on the cutting edge and it’s been a great privilege to work with him. I see him as Coach Thompson – he coached Boards and Directors, Ministries of the Crown and staff – not just for today, but into the future. The Impact of Tom’s skill is that 95 percent of our grads are working in their areas of study, and many students to on to become leaders in their field in our world.”

Bob Clark

long-serving Olds College Board Chair

“Tom is a mentor to many of us. Tom has THE most influential personality in promoting inclusion. His big-picture thinking has created landmarks that people keep under watchful observation across the world. He has an uncanny and never-ending foresight on the future. He has a vision and then puts his heart and soul into every project he undertakes – and they go on to become enormous successes. Tom is a vessel that makes great work pour forth from all those around him.”

Mayor Judy Dahl

Town of Olds

“I want to thank you for the incredible mentorship role you have played for me over the last decade. It has been an incredible, and one of the most important moments was serendipitously being connected with you.

Our conversations have been the most formative of any on my leadership development, personally and professionally, and this is increasingly the case over time. I feel like every call becomes more important than the last, this as a result of implementing what we discuss, which leads to better leadership and in turn more pressure to maintain and improve performance.

It is going to be an exceptional next decade, putting into practice all that I have learned. To use the baseball analogy from earlier, I am right now in about the second or third inning. I very much look forward to our next call and to what lies in store.”

Emerson Csorba, Ditchley Park United Kingdom

Chief of Staff