Keynote Speaking

International representative and public address history:

“Governance 101” – Colleges and Institutes Canada Conference in Ottawa, Canada

“Governance as Stewardship – Post-Secondary International Education Conferences in Bahrain, Seoul, South Korea, Marlborough, New Zealand, and Maui, USA

“The Community Learning Campus Story” – Post-Secondary International Network Conference in Maui, Hawaii

“What is the Relationship Between Shared Leadership and Board Effectiveness” – The Learning Conference in Barcelona, Spain

“Governance as Stewardship” – The Learning Conference in Rhodes, Green

“The Community Learning Campus Story” – 5th Annual International Rural Development Congress in Mthatha, Eastern Cape, South Africa

“Governance in the XXI Century” – Dominican (Republic) Academy of Sciences

ACCC Delegate to Tanzania and Kenya, Higher Education Capacity Building Project

Province of Alberta representative to Hokkaido, Japan, on the 30 anniversary of partnership

Olds College Representative to Seoul, Korea and Beijing, China to sign higher education and applied research partnership agreements

Instructional Leader for strategic and operational planning curriculum project, National Institute for Educational Development, Hanoi, Vietnam

Canadian Representative with UNESCO Conference on Higher Technical & Vocational Training Canadian Representative, Shenzhen, China

Instructor for National Institute for Education Development, Strategic and Operational Planning Curriculum Project in Hanoi, Vietnam

Capacity Building Project Negotiator in co-operation with CIDA and MOET, Project negotiator in Hanoi, Vietnam

Presented to International Conferences on Sport Business Atlanta, Georgia

Presented at international sport business conferences in Columbia, South Carolina, Paris, France, and Atlanta Georgia

“He just brings to life what a good, positive administrative philosophy is and how impactful a President’s role can be, not only on the organization but in the community.”

Dr. Denise Henning

President Medicine Hat College

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