Professional SERVICES:

Governance as Stewardship

Tom is a world authority on policy, governance and renewal. He knows that policy governance can be a competitive advantage that propels an institution forward. Mobilize your team through Governance as Stewardship.

“His work on governance not only impacted institutions, he’s been able to roll out that expertise across the nation.”

Sharon Carry

Member, Alberta Order of Excellence

Keynote Speaking

Deliver decades of award-winning advancements and transformative knowledge to your team. Through four decades of leadership in education, business, marketing and community service, Tom has shared his skillful knowledge with thousands of people in over 25 countries around the world. 

“He just brings to life what a good, positive administrative philosophy is and how impactful a President’s role can be, not only on the organization but in the community.”

Dr. Denise Henning

President, Medicine Hat College

Building Effective Teams

Engage in your best work as a team and illuminate your shared value. What are you doing to give back? What are you doing in stewardship? Tom has consulted on major projects for countless organizations in several countries. His own journey catapulted through rapid growth, and he is has long been considered a lightning rod of influence and disruptive innovation through the creation of a strong team.

“Tom always has a bigger plan. He was recognized as coach of the year in the province, and then went on to coach the University of Saskatchewan Huskies, then became the Athletic Director at U of S, and eventually the Riders noticed him. He was an administrative team member when I was a player. He was always very outgoing and engaging to me as a player, which was nice because the front office to the locker room isn’t always that way on every team. I think that was part of the essence of the Riders back then.”

Greg Fieger

PresidentFormer football player with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Calgary Stampeders

Project Managing

Mobilize your team! Meet your goals by bringing the plethora of strategy and cultural elements together to make more money and do better work!

“His openness and willingness to listen to new ideas and think in an innovative way has been a breath of fresh air.”

David Werklund

Founder & Chairman of Werklund Capital, Acclaimed Canadian entrepreneur, oilfield industry leader and philanthropist who gifted $16 million to Olds College, the largest-ever personal donation to an Alberta college or technical institution:

Leadership Coaching

Dr. Tom Thompson has continued his own educational and leadership journey through professional development programs at Harvard, Oxford and the WestPoint Academy. For over four decades, he has lent his expertise to community, provincial and national organizations as his investment in their success.

“This special milestone marks over 16 years of distinguished leadership and you have much to celebrate. Under your guidance, Olds continues to inspire the educational community in our province with innovative learning programs, strong governance and notable collaborations, such as the Global Agribusiness Commons. It has been a pleasure to work with you over the years to advance higher education in Alberta.”

M. Elizabeth Cannon

President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Calgary