Governance as Stewardship

Dr. Tom Thompson has presented his governance as stewardship model to great acclaim throughout the world. He provides sound counsel that simplify the complexities surrounding the advancement of responsiveness, leadership and stability for…

All levels of government

Institutions of learning

Non-profit organizations

Private business


Stewardship Pyramid

“Any structure must be built on a solid foundation and the cornerstones of the foundation are the most significant part of it… the cornerstones of this governance structure are an understanding of the roles and responsibilities and the articulation of the institution’s vision and outcomes. The heart of the body is extremely important and, since architects have been known to stress the heart of buildings that they have created, I have selected three governance essentials – risk identification, policy development, and strategic planning – which comprise the heart of the structure… The apex is governance as stewardship and it should be remembered that it is stewardship that widens the circle of opportunity for rural learners, deepens the meaning of life-long learning in a community, and strengthens the bonds of the colleges with their many partners. Governance as stewardship is not easy to attain and the connecting points – accountability and power – to the apex are meant to indicate this. You must be continually accountable to your many publics and recognize that power (and influence) is a direct benefit of the public recognition achieved by demonstrating a more integrated college community of shared values and responsibilities. Also, the connecting blocks, generative thinking and shared leadership, upon which governance as stewardship rests are vitally interwoven in the process of reaching the apex. Generative thinking and shared leadership both come from rural boards being prepared and are vital requisites for being an innovative and highly competitive institution.”

“Thank you, Tom, You have been a pillar of Alberta’s Post-Secondary System – a contributor, a leader. Most important, you always kept students at the forefront of your thinking and doing.”

Dave Hancock

former Minister of Advanced Education, former Acting Premier of Alberta

“Congratulations again, Tom, on a well-deserved retirement.  Your contribution over the years has been outstanding and you will be missed!”

Marcia Nelson

Deputy Minister of Executive Council, Government of Alberta